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My practice as a lawyer is expansive, I deal with most of the frequent cases of natural persons, legal entities and other organisations. I am open to both ad hoc and permanent assignment.

My purpose is to take care of my clients' cases expertly, scrupulously, and at the same time in a quick and cost-effective way. I believe that the settlement of a dispute is the most effective when the parties - understanding and appreciating the interests of the other - come to an agreement which provides advantages on both sides. Therefore I endeavor to avoid unnecessary procedures, to prevent legal and non-legal controversies, and to settle already existing disputes reasonably and righteously and thus lasting for long. However sometimes its only the legal way that works, in which case I also provide full and efficient services.

Furthermore, I find it important to keep my clients informed about the status of their case, knowing that for them their case is always important.

If you have any legal problem I am at your disposal both in English and in Hungarian!


In general I give legal advice, prepare and contribute in the preparation of legal documents, and represent clients at and out of court.

Non-exhaustive list of my services:

1. Real estate

  • Purchase
  • Donation
  • Lease
  • Usufruct
  • Protection of possession

  • 2. Enterprises

  • Establishment, modification
  • Transfer of shares
  • Claim and order for payment
  • Liquidation
  • Contracts

  • 3. Condominium

  • Deed of Foundation
  • Bylaws
  • General meeting
  • Contest resolutions
  • Claims management

  • 4. Civil society

  • Establishment
  • Modification
  • General assembly
  • Contracts

  • 5. Family

  • Marriage contract
  • Will
  • maintenance contract
  • life-annuity contract
  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support

  • 6. Employment

  • Employment agreement
  • Termination of employment
  • Policy
  • Dispute
  • Litigation
  • Mediation

  • 7. Claims

  • Claim for payment
  • Order for payment
  • Liquidation
  • Civil suit
  • Execution

  • 8. Contracts

  • Loan agreement
  • Contract for works
  • Contract of agency

  • Contact

    dr. Sárdi Márton lawyer
    Seat: 1053 Budapest, Veres Pálné utca 37.
    Telephone and fax: 36-1-318-4022
    Tax number: 50240988-1-41
    Registy number: 01-027228
    Registry: Budapest Bar Association (1055 Budapest, Szalay utca 7.)

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